Lady bird biscuits

Read through first, this is a recipe for people who have plenty of time and want to impress!

We make these natural little fancies to decorate Wedding Cheese tiers, intermingled with our honey bee biscuits and edible flowers – perfect partners for strong artisan cheeses- these adorable edible insects finish a floral cheese tier to perfection.

Remember we need the ladybirds to be a small mouthful in size, but big enough to hold a smear of Brie or other runny-licious milky wonderousness from that mountain of cheese which will take an evening of dance and beers, bump and grind to reduce to crumb and rind! 

You may be equipped with a library of cookie cutters, but most of us have to get creative to find the right size and shape cutter for these little bugs.

We found our perfect cutter in the lid of a bicarb tub. Pierce a small hole with a sharp knife and it will release the little rounds time and again. For the spots we used the cap of a of the kids marker pen, very useful here – tiny, tiny little biscuits. Cute!  (Also great for Dolly tea -parties or making your own cheese bite snacks…..I digress.)  

You will need to reserve a quarter of the recipe before you add the beetroot juice.  To this hand full of raggy mixture add  4 capsules of activated charcoal and mix with a little water drop by drop to make a stiff paste for the black spots and the Lady bird’s head.  


100g Self Raising Flour and a little extra for dusting

40g Icing sugar

2 dessertspoons of honey

75g butter

A little beetroot juice to make a firm paste and give you a pink ladybird colour, you can add a touch of turmeric too if you like, to get a redder colour.

Vanilla paste – just a tiny squidge.

5 capsules Charcoal powder: make sure it’s activated edible charcoal. Mix 4 of the capsules with the reserved quarter of recipe and add a little water to make a stiff paste. It should be charcoal black!

1 teaspoon of pip-less jam.  (Mix with the last capsule charcoal and a drop of water to get your edible sweet black paint!)