A brief history of Cradocs Savoury Biscuits

Cradoc's began back in 2008, baking biscuits and munching through them with friends and family- I think we all enjoyed that phase, doing the creative work and trialling the recipes. It took far longer than we thought it would, to get a convincing range of flavours together. 

It took two years to learn to bake biscuits commercially and invent a range of products which hung together well, had integrity and people loved.  

Ella joined in 2010 full of enthusiasm and raring to shift the business up a gear or two. It made such a difference having an eager saleswoman at the phone to build sales, help bake and support the business in every way.

Next, we set about saving the money needed to afford a tip top designer to get our packaging in place. Now that was exciting, especially when it was launched at Speciality Fine Food Fair in Olympia, and we had so much attention.

Moving from the domestic kitchen to a beautiful new test bakery, located at the top of the garden was a big step, as was automating the process. 

A comprehenbsive food safety system, HACCP had to be put in place next, which meant that distribution would be possible. We met Blas ar Fwyd  in 2012. A very special Welsh Deli with a distribution function helped us service Wales. It was exciting getting orders and hearing how much customers liked our biscuits!

We met Waitrose at Speciality Fine Food Trade Fair. It took us 12 weeks of hard work to become Waitrose smart, but thanks to our buyer who was a great help, we managed it! 

We supply Fortnum and Mason, Harvey Nichols too and lots of the very best Deli's in Britain!

Now we are exporting, selling all over the UK and growing fast.

Watch this space and thanks for giving us your time!                                                                                            Allie X