Canapes & Snacks

Canape These pretty canape are so simple to make, with the ingredients found in your fridge. Of course a pack of Cradoc's Savoury Biscuits will come in handy!

We think "Sushi" when we make these smart little snacks. We eat with our eyes, so for us, colour and prescision is everything! 

We chose Cradoc's Vegetable Crackers for this display. Chilli (yellow), Beetroot and Garlic (Red) and Spinach and Celery (Green).

Cracker canapes are easy and clean to pick up and pop into your mouth. Lots of lip-smacking, but no stickiness and no need to lick your fingers.

We used: rocket, grilled haluomi, sliced dill pickles, red onion rings, cheese sticks, sliced cucumber, tomato, snipped chives, grilled chorizo and delicious Black Mountain Smokery salmon.

     hot and salty ! anchovy feta and olive supper