Cradocaddicts Cheese Putty

 cant make these fast enough!Cheese Spread,  This is a good' un!

This corker of a recipe makes a velvety spread, a luscious dip and an incredible edible modelling cheese.

Cheddar Cheese, room temprature is best. About 200 gms

A knob of butter about 100gm, a little milk or cream to loosen the mixture to the right consistancy.

Salt and pepper to taste and a little cornflour, this helps with making the mixture smooth.

Grate the cheese finely into a strong bowl or small food processor, add the butter at room temperature and mix, either by hand, or process until smooth. If the cheese separates or is lumpy, add a teaspoon of corn flour and whiz again to emulsify. Ball up, cling film and chill for cheeseputty, or add a little milk and cornflour for a spread and even more milk for dip! This is the basic recipe.

Adding flavourings can change the personality of the recipe, but watch the moisture content. It's up to you how adventurous you are. If you have any ideas that work, let us know on Facebook!

It's called cheese putty because you can model with it. You can make simple animal shapes, minature cars or handbags, just about anything you want. Check out our snowman!   

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