Festive Canapes

 seasonal canape Christmas is a great time to flirt with canapes!

With everyone feeling festive and up for some fun you can go to town with your party food. Look at Teeny Weeny Tiny Cheesey Mr Snowman!

First, check out our Cradocaddicts Puttycheese recipe. It's a modelling cheese, spread and dip all in one! This quantity will make loads of snowmen. If it gets too soft, pop it in the fridge for five minutes. Flavour the mix with chilli and chives for green and red christmas colours inside.  

Make a fat sausage out of a full dessertspoon of puttycheese and chop it into a head and body. The body should be twice the size of the head. Roll the balls in powdered Parmesan, (you can make this by finely grating your own Parmesan, or get it from the supermarket).

Stick the head to the body with a little melted butter. Decorate with peppercorns for eyes and smile. A sweet corn kernel, pea or a sliver of carrot makes a good nose. Twigs of thyme, with the leaves removed, make great arms. Curl a scarf if you fancy, out of a thin slice of Prosciutto. Chill well before serving. Sit the snowman on a bright red  beetroot and garlic cracker and dust with parmesan snow again.

Pile up some spare Cradoc's Crackers on the side and slice away at the cheesey balls. Enjoy Cheesey Mr Snowman with cocktails or as cheeky starter!   

Top Tip Use cocktail sticks to "pick up and place" your toppings and decorate with detail. Great to poke the ingredients about to get them all them all looking the same.