Cheese- bored, Me?   Never!

We are working on some cheeseboard menus and cheeseballs. Goya, our cheese expert, ( Shes actually our labrador dog)  has created some ideas for low fat vegan party balls, we're tasting them right now, so watch this space!

If there's an opportunity to open up the fridge and snaffle a lump or two of Cheddar, the cheese in whatever form, doesnt get to hit the board- its gobbled up before we can say "How many calories was that?"

When we have friends round, (not often these days, as we gave our dining room up to pack Cradocs biscuits a long time ago)  we like to show what we can really do with a pile of cheese and crackers !

Curious to taste the land, if we can, we pick up farm produced raw milk artisan cheeses.

Rind washed, slow matured, young and fresh for me. Soft and yielding, runny, mouldy, crumbly, tangy, dry and lemony for Ella. Peter likes Stilton and the Blues. Whatever form it takes, if it looks interesting - we give it a go!   

A very personal cheese board for one.

For a yummy starter for four pick up a packet of your favourite Cradoc's Savoury Biscuits. You will need a few of your favourite deli ingredients. We like cream cheese, ham, tomatoes, dijon mustard, hummus and dill pickles to name but a few (Oh and if you can get hold of Cowboy pickles from Talybont, all the better). Unleash your artistic side and arrange on a serving platter. Now all you have to do is reserve a couple of friends, a couple of hours and  two bottles of red!

   Lunch for one!

Get two lovely dishes, tear apart a milky mozzerella, cube some salty, tangy Feta, slice some roly poly Goat's cheese, with a soft rind all furry and squeezy, forage (in your garden!) for blackberries and raspberries, slice a plum or two and crack a hazel nut. Sprinkle everything together and serve with some Cradoc's. fresh light and delicious